Recently, I’ve found myself more aware of my surroundings. The cars around me, the buildings, the things that can happen, you know? Bad things like accidents and things like that. No, I’ve not watched Final Destination(1,2,3,4,5) recently. It’s weird, really. I suddenly became paranoid. Hahahaha.

Anyway, can’t wait for Liverpool vs Spurs this Tuesday morning! My brother’s a Liverpool supporter, so I’m sure it will be a fun one!

The truth is, before I started supporting Tottenham Hotspur, I’m actually a Liverpool fan. Haha, I followed my brother’s footsteps. I knew Dudek, Owen, and a few others at the young age of 4. MIND BLOWN.

And because two of my other brothers (I have 4 brothers) are Man United supporters, I knew Barthez, Veron, Van Nistelrooy and other United’s players. Maybe that’s a bit latter, when I was 8 or something.

BUT, there’s more. The fact that I like the colour yellow then (and still), I secretly liked Leeds United. Hehehe… :> FUNNY, AIN’T IT? OH C’MON, GIMME A BREAK, I WAS STILL A KID AT THAT TIME. HAR HAR.

But I guess my true destiny lies at Tottenham Hotspur. :) In 2007, During the 06-07 season, my brother introduced me to the Lilywhites. I’m being honest with you, I’m not really into football at that time. So, I just followed Spurs like a robot.

I didn’t watch their games frequently, I’m not interested in the football itself, really. I knew the names of the first team players though, all of it. I wrote it all down on my notebook. Crazy, I know. I also knew all of the teams in the Premier League. Also wrote it down on my notebook. I even have all their crests printed out. WTF. ಠ_ಠ

I only watched some footy when my brothers are around. When I’m alone, I couldn’t be bothered to turn on the tv to watch a match. I just followed the results, and the league table. I was horrible, to say the least. I don’t care about watching football at all.

But then, when I was 12, I started watching football more frequently. And now, here I am, a proud Yid. :)

Oh great, yet another football post. I don’t think anyone reads my blog anymore, har har. I just think that there’s nothing exciting to write about school other than negative things. I don’t want to write negative things about school, it’s not worth my energy to type it all out, hahhaha. :P

Football is the only thing that excites me. Makes me all giddy inside. For me, entertainment-wise, there’s nothing else that can make me feel happy and relaxing more than football.

Anyway, people, listen to this. It’s a brilliant song by an indie band, EchoEcho. LISTEN TO THIS! NOW! I DEMAND YOU TO LISTEN TO IT.