I just realized that I only post about football when there’s a big match! Hehehe… No, I’m not that kind of person! The kind that only watches big matches and whined if we lost. I watch every Spurs match, okay. Except maybe against Shamrock Rovers in the Europa League. That’s because there’s no coverage on the match. Not even in other countries, I can’t even stream live from the internet, I just relied on LIVE Updates (Soccernet, nothing else)

But… I didn’t watch the 4th round of FA Cup, Watford vs Tottenham Hotspur this morning. Solely because I was sooooo sleepy. :( I slept at 1.30 am and woke up at 3.30 am (the game was at 3.45 am) . I checked my twitter on my iPod and see the line-up on @SpursOfficial and thought, “hmm, strong line-up!” Then I proceed to sleep. :<

I woke up at 8.00 am and read the actions from the game on @SpursOfficial. We won, yes, but the few Spurs fans I followed on twitter said it was a very sloppy and disappointing performance by Tottenham. Glad I didn’t watch it. xD

But there we go, onwards to the fifth round of FA Cup! FA Cup! FA Cup! :D

I still remember the fourth round of our FA Cup campaign last season. ._____. We lost 4-0 against an inspired Fulham. Oh god, the agony. Here’s the post I made about that match. >,< Anyway, focus on Wigan! I’m not gonna miss that one, Wednesday morning (Malaysia time) MOM! I’M NOT GONNA MISS THIS GAME! DON’T STOP ME FROM WATCHING IT AT 3.45 AM IN THE MORNING, OKAY? :> Oh wait, my mom’s not at home on that day. :(

I’ve already forgotten the Man City match. What? Balotelli? Who’s that? What did he do? And Lescott? He’s that Everton player right? Oh, no? Oh he went to Man City? FOR MONEY? When did that happened?Lalala~ Ignorance is bliss.

You know, this is the problem. Every time I talk about football, I drift off from the main subject. I’m pretty sure I was talking about Wigan just now. -____-”

Right, right. Big game. Every game from now on is big. Chelsea are closing on us. We can’t afford to slip up. Not now, anyway. The Transfer window is closing. Harry, Mr. Levy, DO SOMETHING.

School holidays are ending soon. I went to Amcorp Mall today. And bought these:

April, June and October Issues 2011. Just RM9.90 each . *O* They are reissued magazines, of course they’re cheap. Probably one of the best days of my life, lalala~