(Long opinion about the Man City vs Spurs game. I love talking about football.)

Joleon Lescott, a couple of days before Man City vs Spurs,”Tottenham are not a threat”. How ironic. I guess you have to play dirty to beat a non-threatening team? Is that the City way?

Lescott elbowed Kaboul just outside the penalty area. No cards were given. Balotelli stomped on Scott Parker (Some people said he “lost his balance” but I’m not buying it. 100% intentional in my biased opinion) No cards either.

Hmm…. I don’t think Howard Webb is a Man United fan now. Maybe he switched to Man City now? Or maybe he supports both of those Mancunians? Hahaha, okay enough bitching about refs. They’ve got a tough job, blah3x whatever. I don’t care anymore.

The penalty at the end…. It’s like a dagger to the heart. I just watched the replay of the game, I already¬†knew it’s going to happen, but it still hurts. Especially because it’s Balotelli. It’s always Balotelli. Everything’s Balotelli. Blah3x. I’m so sick of him.

Also… I want to punch Nasri’s face when he scored that goal. Just like when he scored for Arsenal against Spurs last year (we still won, don’t worry :p ) His face showed a lot of arrogance. Really, how annoying can his face get?

But still… A lot of positives can be found in that game. Still 3rd, 5 points clear of 4th and more importantly, 10 points ahead of fifth placed Ars*nal. Feels good, yeah. >:) Also positive, how Spurs surged into life after conceding 2 goals. It’s like we were sleeping, and the Man Shitty goals were alarm clocks. Haha. Defoe did decently filling up for the absence of Adebayor. Bale was superb. Overrated? That’s Walcott for you, not Bale. :)

Ledley King… I don’t think people can blame him, really. If you said Ledley was the reason Spurs lost, then you’re stupid. If you’re a Spurs fan and you still blame Ledley for the lost, then you’re not a fan of Spurs. Easy, right? Anyway, here’s an interesting stat for you:

Spurs without Ledley King: LDDDWDDLDLLLWWLWD.
Spurs with Ledley King: WWWWWWWWDWWWWWD.

Might add an “L” at the end, but this was before the Man Shitty game. Anyway, when I saw Ledley’s face when he conceded the penalty, I just want to hug him. He knew he made a big mistake that could cost the game (and it had). But overall performance, he’s done well.

After the final whistle was heard… The devastated faces of the Spurs players.. It almost made me cry, LOL. I’m an emotional wreck, I know. :p They know they could have just win the game. Or at least a draw. A lost was just agonizing. A lost at the dying minutes was just too cruel to put to words.

But don’t lose faith. Never give up. They’re writing us off of this title race, but that’s fine. We don’t need the pressure. We don’t need the huge amount of expectations. We’re just enjoying our football like we always did for the last couple of years.

Tottenham Hotspur: Will seriously damage your heart and delight you. (:

“It’s easier to support and love your club if you accept the truth and embrace it.”

And that marks the end of my never-ending ramble. I’m calmed now. (:

Special mentions: Spurs fans at the stadium. What can I say? Outstanding. The “O When the Spurs Go Marching In” song was sung at least 4 times in the second half. Spurs fans are the most awesome fans in the Premier League in my, again, biased opinion. :P

And again, I’m not really an expert on these football-talking stuff… If you want some more in depth discussions, here’s some of it (Spurs blogs, of course):

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