<sigh> can’t I just copy paste from my bro’s blog? -_________- WHATEVER.

My dad bought 3 tickets to the concert and I don’t even know why, lol. Terlalu baik :P Anyway, I’ll just put some pics in, no narratives, I’m lazy! :P Alright, alright, maybe a bit. xD

The tickets.


Local Nasyeed group, In-Team appeared first. As the opening performance, I guess….


Then, Maher Zain’s friend from Canada, Irfan Makki showed up, performing Mabrouk and a couple of other songs.


Finally! Hehehe… Maher Zain took the stage.


Performing his songs, ALL OF ‘EM! Just kidding, not all of ‘em hehehe. Gosh I’m horrible at joking. Anyway, Here’s a few pics of him on stage.


Close up.


Then Mesut Kurtis joined him on stage…

… With kids…

Then blah3x, Maher Zain left for a while and Mesut Kurtis performed a few of his songs. Can’t remember the name of his songs— heck, no, I don’t even know what the songs are called, LOL!

Maher Zain came back after his friend, Mesut finished singing, like, 3 songs, I think. Then Irfan Makki joined him for a while and left shortly afterwards. He sang a few songs (including the new one, Freedom) and finally called it a night.

That’s all. Satisfied? LOL. Just so you know, this is the first time I’ve ever been to a concert and I have to say, listening to live songs is wayyyyyyyyy better than listening to recorded ones. You just got a special feeling listening to live songs, ya know. No? You’ll know when you go to a concert later ;) Just don’t go to concerts that uses auto tune, that way you won’t feel nothing at all. You’ll feel like a robot, just like what the auto-tune sounds like, ROBOTS.

Oh my, so much auto-tune hate in that paragraph xD Okay guys, that’s all, hope you enjoy this little post I made about a concert I’ve been to.

By the way, the pics are all, I mean, ALL by Kak Nuni :)