February 2011

I feel worthless, foolish, unwanted and ignored by friends. How can I put it all behind me? I don’t even have a decent friend at Setia Alam. I always just tag along with ‘em, like the term ” jumping on the bandwagon” in football (I think, lol, might be wrong) Got it? No? It’s okay, you don’t need to.

Anyway, I don’t know, it’s been ages since people actually give me a chance to introduce things I love to them. The last time was MAFIA, my best friends in Primary School. I managed to convert them into Kaiser Chiefs’ fans :P . I love them… My best friends… The people who actually know the real me.

Now? People just look at me with their eyes half closed. They ask me about things that I like and when they don’t know them (99% of happening), they just move on. They don’t even stop and say “What’s that?” or “I’ll give it a listen”.  They just… Don’t care… :'( What’s even worse, there are friends that didn’t even respect what I like, the things I’m interested in. Such great friends I have, huh?

You don’t even have a second thought about how I feel, what I feel. Don’t you? Well this is the time to tell you the truth, I was hurt when you say Lee Dewyze sucks. I was hurt when you say Danny Gokey is a singing reptile. I was hurt when you say Wall-E is just a walking trash (or something like that).

But you never knew. You thought it was all a joke and I’m fine with it. But the truth is, I am NOT fine, I WAS hurt and I’m so damn happy  that I don’t have to put up with you anymore.

Sure I was guilty too, I admit it. I had once said that Lady Gaga sucks and I’m sorry for all Gaga fans. But that was a long long time ago and I’ve changed, for the better.  I have new friends here who love artists that I dont like or, heck, even hate. But who am I to criticize them for liking what they like, it’s their freaking choice and I just have to respect it. Like a good friend would.

<sigh> This post is for expressing what I feel right now, buzz off if you don’t like it.

Last. But not least. I got this from Anonymous and was amazed by every word of it. It described me completely and I thought I’d share it with you all:

“There are so many ways to describe myself, but I believe one way fits best. I am but a book that lays on a table, open to a random page for all the world to see.

Many pass by the table, only giving a second glance as to why there is a book open halfway through.

Some take a cursory examination of the book and soon leave; others try to read me but become bored before they finish reading. These people eventually put me back down on the table, yearning to be finished and understood.

Then, there are the few people who take me, read me, understand me, and embrace me. These people who read between the lines and look a little closer into unveiling the knowledge, secrets, and idiosyncrasies that many do not see. These people, who are my best friends, read every word of every page; these people are the ones who truly know me.

If you have tried to read this book, I thank you dearly. If you have looked a little bit closer and got to read the real me. All of me.”

P.s: he wrote this all by himself.


Long time no see, eh? Anyway, I want to babble a bit about what happened yesterday in PE Class. *no photos, you have been warned xD

As usual, we share PE Classes with 2B. OK first of all, I just wanted to say, 2B is freakin’ annoying. Okay, carry on then, so there were 2 netballs available and the teacher asked us what do we want to play. We (2As) suggested we plat netball (like d’uh! The balls were netballs itself, lol). So I thought to myself, why not? It’s just a simple game, Right?

WRONG! It’s such a pain in the ass to seperate them (2Bs especially) into two teams. Listen brah, I’m not being bias or anything, but 2A girls are more committed than 2B’s. FACT. We were all, like, “c’mon! You guys want to play or not?” Then the teacher did all the stuff, dividing us to 2 teams. Thank You, teacher, I love you :)

But God DAMMIT, I got the most non-committed teammates of all. Minah, as our teacher likes to call her, and her gang (about 3 of them, if I’m not mistaken) from, of course, 2B. I worked my socks off being a GK and you ugly sods just stood there in the centre of the court? And.. And.. did nothing?!? I’m so pissed off because the other team kept coming and attacking without anyone stopping them. (we didn’t play by the rule, so, like, attack if you want to attack and defend if you want to defend)

I defended ALONE (at first) and all of the other team’s attackers are 2A’s girls. Seriously, I’m not making this up. I’ve only 3 other 2A’s teammates, 2 of them helped me defend after a while (did I mention I defended ALONE at first? LOL /SARCASM) and attacked also, the other one joined Minah and her gang and there’s this ONE 2B girl on my team helped me, A LOT. Yeah, she was very helpful, I respect her the most from 2B. :D

So, I have only 3 teammates who were actually playing the game, whereas the other team have, like, 5 or 6 of them. And, my god, they were very fast and furious. -__- So we played like that until the end of the second period. Needless to say, I was VERY BUSY, lol.

Last but not least, I just want to repeat what I said earlier. 2B is freakin’ annoying. And Minah and her gang are a disgrace. Just disappear into thin air, please, I beg you.     -__- “why are you overreacting? It’s just PE Class, huh” I know it’s just PE Class, but show some commitment lahh. I don’t want to play netball too, heck I don’t even KNOW how to play it, but I’ve observed people play it before and TRIED playing it yesterday.

If you think you’re too good to play with us, just get the hell out of the way. Don’t just sit there, in the centre of the court, doing nothing.

Anyway, in English class on the same day, of course, we were learning about the Comparatives. The teacher asked us each to give an example. So I gave her this one:

“Turtles are not as fast as rabbits”

-________- Mehh, I liek turtles (anybody who’s an internet nerd knows what I mean). Also, I’ve been getting  a lot of Deja vu’s that day, I wonder why. Care to explain? Anyone? No, probably not. =,=”

On a happier side of me, Spurs had just won a crucial game against AC Milan at the San Siro. Congratulations, :D


First I posted the “When The Year Ends In One” thingy and Tottenham lost 4-0 to Fulham, now Robbie Keane? I seriously am JINXED lol.

Robbie Keane is out with a calf injury for at least 6 weeks. Oh, c’mon! This is why we don’t post football stuff on our blogs lol. Awww, Keane hope you get better soon :)

Tottenham vs Sunderland tonight. I’m jinxed so I don’t want to talk about it much lol My prediction is 2-1 to Tottenham please. :) And Harry please, please, PLEASE play Kranjcar tonight, with Modric and Bale all out with injuries, he really deserves to play ya know. That’s all xD

And, oh yeah, yesterday at school, in History class, we were learning about the, umm, state of Selangor. Blah3, and then this name came up. He was the first Resident General of NNMB (Negeri-negeri Melayu bersekutu), Frank Swettenham.



hahaha, it was so funny. I laughed, literally, in class that day. But no one gets me :( LOL, who cares? As long as I’m happy with my Frank Swetterham xD (Yaya got her Kapitan Chung Ah Kwee :P)

Sir Frank Swettenham :D

Seriously, I swear, I would remember that name for the rest of my life. :P


Guess what? :D

I’ve just found a mini Gareth Bale, oh my, my! xD It’s Sam from Junior Masterchef Australia. He’s 11 years old. I’m telling you, this kid looks EXACTLY like Bale. Well, not exactly, I guess.


Whatever! I’ll just post a picture of Bale and Sam.




Err… Well, maybe based on those photos he doesn’t look EXACTLY like Bale, but if you watch the show, you will be blown away by the alikeness between those two (and their total cuteness). :3

Gnaw.. I love Star World. xD Glee, American Idol, Live To Dance, Junior Masterchef, I love these shows. D’uh, 3 of them are from America but what the heck, Star World don’t show shows like Britain’s Got Talent, but if they do, I love them even more. ♥ xD

Live To Dance is just for fun, I’m not seriously following that reality show, but it’s kinda fun watching it. Junior Masterchef AUSTRALIA, oh man, gotta love their cuteness and their lovely Australian accent. :P Glee and American Idol I started following last year, so wanna do it the same this year. Not a big fan of ‘em, really, to be honest.

That’s all, thanks for reading my total nonsense.


Oh, I’ve been away for, like, 3 days I think. I went to Djogjakarta, Indonesia. Cool place, don’t want to write much about it though lol.

So today I want to tell you what are my favourite artists and bands. It’s kinda boring but I have nothing to write right now lol the Indonesia trip? That one I just post you links to my dad’s website or mom’s blog. :P

So yeah, here it goes:


First, Lee Dewyze. Why? Because I like his voice and his down-to-earth personality. Was my favourite contestant (since Top 24) in American Idol season 9 and he was the winner of the show. Oh, and his cover of Hey Jude is outstanding! For me, at least. :P


Danny Gokey, here’s another American Idol contestant. He was from the 8th season of the show and finished third after Adam Lambert and Kris Allen. I like his songs because they are inspiring and emotional. “I Will Not Say Goodbye” is definitely one of the most emotional song I’ve ever heard. This song is my second most played song on iTunes (after Hey Jude), just saying, lol.


Kaiser Chiefs were formerly my number one artist/band. But the fact that they’ve been inactive lately, and I’ve found Lee and Danny, they just went down to number three. But no matter, they are still my favourite band. Their songs are great and you know I’ve always been a big fan of Alt. Rock music. I also LOVE their music videos, it’s so funny and random at the same time. Ohh, how I miss you Kaiser Chiefs, when will your next album come out? :(


Oh come on! Who doesn’t like Taylor Swift? :3 Anyway, you know the reason right? Her songs. Every freakin’ teenage girl can relate to them. That’s all I’m gonna say, lol. Oh, and also her attitude. She’s cute and very likable. She doesn’t dress improperly like most of (female) singers nowadays.

Some of my other favourites (in order… I think):
The Script.
Paul McCartney :3
The Fray.
EchoEcho. (new band, just released their first album INDEPENDENTLY. I love all of their songs xD )

OMG look at that, most of them are alternative rock bands, some are pop/rock bands, gosh I love them. :3 Okay, now you know my fav bands/artists. Wanna know artists that I HATE? Nahh, probably not. :P

That’s all, I really hope you guys try listening to the kind of music I listen. They’re definitely very underrated, these alt. rock bands, seriously. You should give them a listen.


WARNING: This post contains a LOT of words and it’s about a football player. So if you hate reading and don’t watch football, I recommend you to turn around and never look back, lol, but seriously.

P/S: I refer Tottenham as ‘we’ because it is a lot easier.

Okay, here it goes:-

Robbie Keane, first of all, I want to say thanks for the goals, thanks for your leadership as a captain and thanks for staying at Tottenham for, like, 7 or 8 years. I know you’re only on loan to West Ham right now, not permanently moved, but a part of the agreement is, if West Ham avoid relegation, they can extend your deal by two years.

A part of me feels that West Ham will avoid relegation and we’re going to lose you. Just so you know, you were amazing for us. You scored lots and lots of goals and your partnership with Berbatov was just awesome in 2006-2007 . Gosh I love that season. But then Man Utd wanted Berbatov (-____-) and Liverpool went for you. You said you were a Liverpool supporter since you were a kid, so we let you go.

There were some great moments like scoring an equaliser against Arsenal, scored two goals against Bolton, but it was rather a short and disappointing spell for you, so we bought you back. You were made vice-captain and scored plenty (I guess?) of goals.

Then you joined Celtic on loan and you were amazing! Scoring goals for fun makes you Celtic Fans’ Player of the Year. Then you came back, lol, it was just a loan anyway. You didn’t really performed much at that point and with Defoe and Pavlyuchenko playing well, you didn’t get a place in the starting line-up at all.

I only remembered you being captain of a Carling Cup match against Arsenal when ‘Arry put on a young team. You scored Tottenham’s only goal and we lost to the scum.

Now, you’ve gone to West Ham and this morning  (Malaysia time) you scored your debut goal. :) I was happy to see you back scoring goals, even for another team. Even West Ham. Even Celtic. I don’t care. I like seeing you score goals.

So goodbye Robbie Keane, we’ll miss you. :)

*Just so you know, this is from my own thoughts, so am sorry if there’s a mistake or two!  Ohh, and because this post has no picture, I’ll give you one here:-

Robbie Keane in a West Ham shirt scoring his debut goal.


EDIT: After reading back what I wrote, it’s quite embarrassing, really, but what the heck lol. :P

Ahaha, right after I built my house, my brother cleared up the little forest beside it. And this is what I did with the spaces :-


A (small) football field! :D

This is me  posing at the pitch wearing a Liverpool jersey, I don’t even know why I wore that, lol.


I want to make more projects in minecraft, it’s so much fun! I’m currently building a bridge over a river to an another island not far from our island. Hmm… My brother has recently finished building a lighthouse (you can see it at the top left of the first picture). But I don’t know what he’s doing right now.

Here’s from a different angle:-


See that bridge? It’s really ugly, I know! x(  Eh, why are there so many animals on my football pitch?

BTW, I’ve change my texture pack… Again… This time it’s Lucid Pack. Yeahh, I frequently change my texture pack. ;)


After like, 3 hours of minecraft, I’m now sitting on a chair, listening to Hey Jude (repeatedly) while following the Soccernet Transfer Deadline Day Live HERE Now, this is what I call relaxing, lol.

Anyway, Tottenham have been really quiet for now… But you never know what Harry will do, there’s roughly 3 hours left in the transfer window. Hmm…

Na na na na na na naa, na na na naa, Hey Jude~Paul McCartney

Poor Newcastle, Andy Carroll is likely to leave for Liverpool, hmm… Uhh, I’m a bit sleepy right now, it’s 3:50 in the morning here. I’m staying up just for the sake of the transfer window deadline, so you better do some spendings now, ‘Arry! LOL, not really, I always stay up late.

I seriously think that this is the lamest post I’ve ever posted, oh well…

The End.