January 2011

It took me only 2 days to finish this one. It’s not as beautiful as the ones posted on /r/minecraft, but I’m proud of it :D


At night :-


What do you think? I’ve wasted so many woodssSSSs, thank god my brother is growing a little forest behind the house. :P Ahh, my first decent house! I’ve been playing Minecraft since, I dunno, September? I don’t always build a house, I just make an underground base. This is the first time I made a house. :D

BTW, the texture pack is AnimalCrafting, inspired by the Animal Crossing games, here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=48464

Minecraft is a sandbox building game which allows players to  build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D world. Read more: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minecraft .


Look at the title, stare at it, understand it, enjoy and flourish it (If you’re an Arsenal fan or a Chelsea fan). Yess, your eyes are not deceiving you, it’s true. It happened. I saw it happened LIVE.

I think I’m jinxed… (remember the “When The Year Ends In One” post? I bring bad luck :( )

Okay, now, seriously, no jinx, let’s get this thing straight, there will be no “When The Year Ends In One” miracle. The defenders are horrible. It could have easily been 6-0 or 7-0 . Well, I don’t want to talk about it much.

On the brighter side, I like how Tottenham fans (after the half-time break) , got behind their team, and sung the chant they usually sing (O When The Spurs Go Marching In & It’s A Grand Ol’ Team) . The stadium is also full of Spurs’ fans noises even though it’s freakin’ FOUR NIL. But poor fans, Spurs still played poorly even though the fans had shown their spirits.

OKAYYYY, that’s all, I guess. Ermm… It is disappointing but life must go on, and it’s just one match. It’s the FA Cup, DAMN IT!!! x( Haha, c’mon Tottenham, bounce back from this like you did after losing to Portsmouth in the FA Cup Semi-Final last year, I believe in you. :)

Ohh, I forgot to give credits to Fulham for their performance. They were fantastic, they were running riot passed the horrible Tottenham’s defenders. Oh, and Danny Murphy is still a penalty kick expert. :P And last but not least, good luck to Fulham on their FA Cup journey! :)


Hi friends, wanna here about my new school? Here ya go!

It’s soo frustratingg. So yeah, the other day I wrote on my FB, “Aku memang dilahirkan untuk menjadi murid biasa saja, sekian terima kasih. xD” . YesssSSs,EXACTLY! On Wednesday (I think), our class teacher picks randomly who’s going to be a prefect, avoiding picking the penolong, the AJK keceriaan, the Ketua, the the the anything in class lahh.

And still she didn’t pick me, lol. Whatever lah,, And then, the next day, Haawa (AJK Keceriaan) asked the (same) teacher, “Who’s the Bendahari?” because they (Haawa and her friends) are making the carta organisasi. So the teacher was like, “Umm.. Aina lah!”. Yup, okay, bendahari, I like money.

But then I remembered, the money that we collect for the class are kept by the teacher. So basicly, I’m useless. Bendahari is just a title. I just HATE IT SO DAMN MUCH because if I were to be given a title, I want to do the responsibilities, not just sit around saying “Oh, yeah, I’m the Bendahari” . Gosh, I hate this class.

I guess I’m not meant to be given any responsibilities. Ever since Primary School, I’m just an ordinary student. And BTW my friends, my good friends, my lovely friends, my personalities are not unique, they are weird, okay.  That’s all I guess.

Oohhh, and by the way, *turning my happy mode on*

You know Julian Lennon? He’s John Lennon’s son, the song Hey Jude that I LOOVVVEE SOO MUCHH was written by Paul McCartney for him. Guess when is his birthday? xD It’s the 8th of April!!! Same as MINE. No wonder lahh I always have a thing with Hey Jude . ;)

This is kind of a secret (not anymore, I guess lol). But when I listen to Hey Jude when I’m angry or sad or frustrated or feeling down or a mixture of everything, I always feel like Paul McCartney/The Beatles/Lee Dewyze is singing it for me, ya know?

Hey Jude,
Don’t make it bad,
Take a sad song,
And make it better.

Remember to let her in to your heart,
Then you can start,
To make it better.



Err… About the title.. Umm… It’s 2011 right? Yes, that’s it, 2011 is a year that ends in one. Get it? Oh, c’mon. It’s like 2001, 1991, 1901, where there’s the number ‘1’ at the end, got it? Okay, good.

So yeah, at Tottenham they always  have this thing about when the year ends in one. They have been winning the FA Cup in 1901,  1921, 1961, 1981 and 1991. All the years that ended in one, weird huh? Ohh, and they’ve also won it in 1962, 1967 and 1982.

Anyway, back to when the year ends in one. 2011 ends in one. The FA Cup 4th Round matches are happening this weekend. Tottenham are up against Fulham at Craven Cottage. Do I think Tottenham can win this? YESSSSSS, haha. No, really, of course I believe in Spurs :)

OMG, this is going nowhere…. -__________-

Conclusion: Spurs have won the FA Cup FIVE times when the year ends in one. This year (2011) ends in one, so I believe Spurs have a pretty decent chance of winning it this year. ;)

In support of Sunday’s match against Fulham, I present to you, Chirpy, Spurs’ mascot.


I miss you, SAMTTAJ, a lot.

The End,


Well,, the new school is o-k only. I have no good friends though, pfft. It’s sooo boring when the teacher doesn’t come in. Yeahh, the other students are potpetpotpet -ing with their ‘gang’, I guess. I’m all alone. There. In the corner. In front of the class. Near the front door. You know what I always do when there’s free time?

Doodling. Drawing anime cartoons. Well, drawing ‘em Horribly. Then, when my bored-o-meter is maximum, I just sleep. Yes. You know what? I actually slept on my first day of school. When there’s no teachers of course! Sleeping in class when the teacher is teaching is silly. Well,, ummm, I did sleep during math class *cough* -___- The teacher wasn’t teaching anymore and I’ve finished my work, okayyy,  besides, the teacher didn’t mind. At all. That shows how invisible I am.

Okay, now back to the title, “I Am What I Am”. Yes, Exactly.  I’m the weird girl, who doodles a lot in class, doesn’t talk much, always talking to myself, listen to Alt. Rock music, does NOT listen to nowadays pop crap and likes playing indie games like Minecraft, wait, no, is Minecraft an indie game? WHATEVER. Yes, I’m that girl. If you happen to know another girl with these, err, personality? Call me, k. lol. That’s weird.

By the way, this is my most recent profile pic :-

WE ARE N17 !!! Well, at least they are, I’m U13. -______- < ya dunno wut N17 is? :P >

OKAY, THAT’S IT! ENOUGH. Pfft. Ok, Goodbye.