01 – Our Favourite Practical Teachers!

When we were in Form 4, we only had one class for each course (4E1 for Elec Eng. / 4A1 for Civ. Eng. / 4M1 for Mech. Eng.)

My gang (then) consisted of me, Nabilah, Aten, Hazirah, Balqis, Fierah and Fieza. We were all Elec. Eng. students except for Fierah who was a Mech. Eng. student. Alin (also a Mech. Eng. student) came into the picture during mid-year 2013, so she doesn’t feature in this story hahaha sorry alin :p

Anyway back to this, in 4E1, we were divided into two different PKE(Pengajian Kejuruteraan Elektrik) groups right from the start, one with Pn. Ana and the other was with Pn. Kalai and it was totally random. My gang was inevitably split into two also. Pn. Kalai taught Aten, Hazirah and Balqis while Nabilah and I were with the delightful Pn. Ana :P

Anyway, about a month into the new school term, our school received a couple of new faces; practical teachers who were hoping to spend their 3 months with us. There were 4 of them, Cikgu Min, Cikgu Faralia and two others. Each of them had to teach us (Form 4 students) 2 technical subjects.

Cikgu Min specialised in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, so she had to teach our class, right? She was taken under Cikgu Ana’s wing (Pn. Kalai had nothing to do with this) and had to take over her role as our PKE teacher.

Cikgu Min was a stark contrast to Pn. Ana, so we were a bit startled by the change. While Pn. Ana was strict and very scary (in a good and loving way :3 ), Cikgu Min was layback and chill. She was a young teacher, after all. She understood our teenage hearts. Besides, She couldn’t possibly control all of us successfully (the group I was in were full of boys, the only girls were myself, Nabilah, Intan and Hanisah, if I’m not mistaken. My memories are kinda blurry right now) So she just went with the flow and blended in with us. Cikgu Min also had to teach LK to 4M1 (where the lone ranger, Fierah was. Sorry fie, we love you-), so Fierah knew her too.

Cikgu Faralia was teaching LK for our class (and Civil Eng. for 4A1), so Pn. Azlizaa (my LK teacher) had to split the class into two. Again, my gang was separated, but this time only Aten was put into Cikgu Lia’s class (lol) while we (the others) were still under Pn. Azlizaa. (This was because Pn. Azlizaa divided the group according to alphabetical order- Aten’s name was high up the list and far away from ours kekeke)

So, there we go, that’s the gist of it! Oh, right I forgot to mention, Cikgu Lia and Cikgu Min were bestfriends and they were staying together in a vacant house located within the school compound, alongside houses of other teachers and staffs.

I don’t know where to begin this story.. OTL

Well, I guess I can start with me and Nabilah. You see, in class, we were always seated right in front of the teacher. Hence, we talked frequently with Cikgu Min and often rambled along with her. While we were doing our elec… calculating.. thingy, we would talk and talk and talk with her. Mostly dumb stuffs, haha. I guess that’s when we started to get close with her.

Also, you know our gang was a very troublesome gang back then (and still was even up until Form 5 ngehehehe) so we would loiter around the school compound in the evening, riding bicycles and just doing stupid things. So we would visit Cikgu Lia and Cikgu Min’s house, just to lie down and talk about school.

When people questioned our ‘authority’ to go to a teacher’s house, we would just tell them we wanted to learn (LK or PKE) but in truth, we just wanted to get out of the damn hostel. :3 School life is boring without some rule-breaking actions. Yeah, we were always breaking rules, but let me tell you, it’s the dumb and useless rules that we were used to breaking, not the serious ones. So teachers weren’t too bothered with us to be honest.

So, just like that, we grew fond of both Cikgu Min and Cikgu Lia and when it was time they return to their universities, tears were shed and a little farewell party was held. I’ll tell you that in the next post, so for now, goodbye. :)





Today was horrible. I started the day by accidentally leaving my tumbler at home. I NEED WATER AFTER PJ FFFFUUUUUU- Anyway, when the daily assembly started, I was feeling so pumped for the Geo presentation (I had finished doing the stuffs needed for the presentation the night before, oh yeahh) Then I got to know the teacher was absent. Oh, well, FU. All of my worries and cries yesterday were for nothing. That’s not the worst though.

After Geo we have PJK. At least, that was fun. It was just us, 2As, playing football using a Volleyball xD And, as of my first mistake (didn’t bring any water), I was thirsty. VERY thirsty. urghh… After PJ we have PAI/BC/BT. Whoa, what’s that? That’s Pendidikan Islam, Bahasa Cina and Bahasa Tamil. So all of us were separated. Malays in 2B, Chinese in 2A and Indians in 2C.

I left my Geo presentation stuffs (actually, it’s just a piece of mahjong paper) at the back of my class (2A). After PAI, I went back to 2A and saw the presentation material was ripped a bit (i wouldn’t call it a bit though). I was frustrated and furious, and all I could think of was just how horrible my birthday had been. And I tore the mahjong paper apart, bit by bit, little by little, showing how frustrated I was and my friends just watched me with a worry on their faces.

And the rest of the story is history……………………………….

On the bright side of today, there were lots of wishes on my FB page and I am very happy right now :] Syazana gave me a, umm… gelas eh syazana? xD Oyang gave me a teddy bear :P Nadiah and Nabilah, the twins (xD) gave me a bag. What kind of bag, how do I explain it eh? xD Haawa gave me a Disney princesses’ notebook (urghh….) thanks though! xD

And you’re right, Haawa! I am a Sleeping Beauty xD After coming back from school, I played Minecraft a bit and sleep the whole day. Aahhh, what a wonderful way to celebrate your own birthday, by sleeping :3

Thanks to everyone on facebook who had wished me. I really appreciated it whether you really mean it or not. You’ve made my horrible birthday (with the mahjong paper thingy…) turns into a quite fun birthday. No cakes though, only in Minecraft. Itu pun aku buat sendiri! xD

My almost finished cake with my two cute wolves :3

Anyway, here’s a song for me (note: FOREVERALONE) :]

“Blowing out the candles on another birthday cake,
Old enough to look back,
And laugh at my mistakes,
Young enough to look at the future,
And like what I see”


How weird is it when you listen to hard rock and nowadays pop music? Well, let me tell you this. It’s SUPER WEIRD. Just now I was listening to “Down With the Sickness” by Disturbed, a heavy metal band.

While I was listening to it, I open up a friend’s blog and this pop song came up. It was, ermm… What lah the name of the song? Whatever. And there was no “Pause” of “Stop” button there. It was awkward.

Just so you know, I’m not a fan of metal rock, I was listening to it just for fun. I like the loud guitar and drums on metal rock music, but I can’t stand the singer screaming, you know? Hurr…. Anyway, just to clear it up, I closed the blog immediately, lol. I can’t stand those two mixing. xD

Oh yeah! I think it was that song by Far East Movement, “Rockettear”. :)

Anyway, umm… Umm… I have a song for SAMTTAJ. xD Here:

I am but a fool,
Darling I love you,



Sorry, the title has nothing to do with this post, LOL. Anyway, tomorrow I will be having my first exam in SMK Setia Alam. Yesterday I studied nothing, okay, Friday night I had a little History quiz with OMBAKK!!! family, heheh. :D

But that’s all, since that, I haven’t read anything. -_______- I only have till tonight to study. Let me list all of the subjects I have to study:

Bahasa Malaysia : What? Okay, I’ll just study last year’s exercise book. xD

English : Collective Nouns, Comparatives, etc etc.

Math : No need to study :p

Science : Chapter 1 only, thank god! xD

History : Chapter 1 & 2. I’ve already studied Chapter 1 and remembered them PERFECTLY, LOL. Oh, and I love chapter 2! Because there’s Frank Swettenham. :p So there shouldn’t be a problem.

Geography : Er. I can’t remember :p

Kemahiran Hidup (Living Skills?) : Chapter 4 and 5. Masakan and Tanaman Hiasan. WTH… +.+

Sivik: What? Seriously? :p

See all of that^ I’m DOOMED -______- And to top it all, there’s Wolves vs Spurs tonight. I can’t miss that! xD I’ll stay up late lah tonight! Hehehe…

Me tonight ^

Okay okay, about the title (if anyone’s interested), it’s a Lee Dewyze‘s song. It may be the next single of Lee. I went to the Lee Dewyze forum a couple of times and most of the people there would like “Me and My Jealousy” as Lee’s next single but personally I love “Beautiful Like You” the most from the album. So I’ll be quite happy if it’s his next single. :D

“That’s all? :\”

Of course! What do you expect ? xD

PS: Keluarga OMBAKK!!! consists of Zidos, Kerol, Syazana and Me, hehehe. Here are the order:

Zidos (my great-grandpa xD) –> Kerol (my grandpa) –> Syazana (my fake mom xD) –> Finally, me! (I’m the youngest <3)


♥ ♥ Beautiful Like You ♥ ♥

I feel worthless, foolish, unwanted and ignored by friends. How can I put it all behind me? I don’t even have a decent friend at Setia Alam. I always just tag along with ‘em, like the term ” jumping on the bandwagon” in football (I think, lol, might be wrong) Got it? No? It’s okay, you don’t need to.

Anyway, I don’t know, it’s been ages since people actually give me a chance to introduce things I love to them. The last time was MAFIA, my best friends in Primary School. I managed to convert them into Kaiser Chiefs’ fans :P . I love them… My best friends… The people who actually know the real me.

Now? People just look at me with their eyes half closed. They ask me about things that I like and when they don’t know them (99% of happening), they just move on. They don’t even stop and say “What’s that?” or “I’ll give it a listen”.  They just… Don’t care… :'( What’s even worse, there are friends that didn’t even respect what I like, the things I’m interested in. Such great friends I have, huh?

You don’t even have a second thought about how I feel, what I feel. Don’t you? Well this is the time to tell you the truth, I was hurt when you say Lee Dewyze sucks. I was hurt when you say Danny Gokey is a singing reptile. I was hurt when you say Wall-E is just a walking trash (or something like that).

But you never knew. You thought it was all a joke and I’m fine with it. But the truth is, I am NOT fine, I WAS hurt and I’m so damn happy  that I don’t have to put up with you anymore.

Sure I was guilty too, I admit it. I had once said that Lady Gaga sucks and I’m sorry for all Gaga fans. But that was a long long time ago and I’ve changed, for the better.  I have new friends here who love artists that I dont like or, heck, even hate. But who am I to criticize them for liking what they like, it’s their freaking choice and I just have to respect it. Like a good friend would.

<sigh> This post is for expressing what I feel right now, buzz off if you don’t like it.

Last. But not least. I got this from Anonymous and was amazed by every word of it. It described me completely and I thought I’d share it with you all:

“There are so many ways to describe myself, but I believe one way fits best. I am but a book that lays on a table, open to a random page for all the world to see.

Many pass by the table, only giving a second glance as to why there is a book open halfway through.

Some take a cursory examination of the book and soon leave; others try to read me but become bored before they finish reading. These people eventually put me back down on the table, yearning to be finished and understood.

Then, there are the few people who take me, read me, understand me, and embrace me. These people who read between the lines and look a little closer into unveiling the knowledge, secrets, and idiosyncrasies that many do not see. These people, who are my best friends, read every word of every page; these people are the ones who truly know me.

If you have tried to read this book, I thank you dearly. If you have looked a little bit closer and got to read the real me. All of me.”

P.s: he wrote this all by himself.



SRAI Seksyen 19 jadi juara Karnival Sukan SRAI 2008.