How weird is it when you listen to hard rock and nowadays pop music? Well, let me tell you this. It’s SUPER WEIRD. Just now I was listening to “Down With the Sickness” by Disturbed, a heavy metal band.

While I was listening to it, I open up a friend’s blog and this pop song came up. It was, ermm… What lah the name of the song? Whatever. And there was no “Pause” of “Stop” button there. It was awkward.

Just so you know, I’m not a fan of metal rock, I was listening to it just for fun. I like the loud guitar and drums on metal rock music, but I can’t stand the singer screaming, you know? Hurr…. Anyway, just to clear it up, I closed the blog immediately, lol. I can’t stand those two mixing. xD

Oh yeah! I think it was that song by Far East Movement, “Rockettear”. :)

Anyway, umm… Umm… I have a song for SAMTTAJ. xD Here:

I am but a fool,
Darling I love you,



Watching the Sound of Music for the first time since 2008 does brings back a lot of memories. Why? Because, when I was Standard 5 (2008), I represented my school in a Volleyball competition (Sukan SRAI). So we have to, like, stay at a hostel for 3 days for the event. We stayed at the Sekolah Agama Menengah Tinggi Sultan Hisamuddin’s hostel.

That’s not the point lol, anyway, right before we went there, my mom introduced the Sound of Music to me. I was listening to the songs frequently and repeatedly because I just love the simple tune of the songs. So when I go to the Sukan SRAI event, the songs from the movie (especially “My Favourite Things and “Sixteen Going On Seventeen”) are stuck in my head.

Those songs kept running through my head the whole time, event when I was playing! (I guess that’s why we didn’t win, lol) I didn’t even bring an mp3 to listen to the songs. So when I came back home from the event, when I play the songs, the memories of the Sukan SRAI drift through my head. I can remember them perfectly (not really, hehe) when I listen to the songs. That’s one of the few reasons why I love music, it’s powerful.

I tried that trick once for a trip. I listen to this particular song regularly when traveling to this place. But it didn’t work. When I hear that song (I can’t remember what song, haha), nothing came. No memories of the place at all. Because music works in mysterious ways (like God, lol). It has to came naturally, like those Sound of Music songs.

So when I watched the movie again a few days ago, when I listen to the songs (“My Favourite Things”, particularly), I almost cried (yeah, I’m an emotional wreck xD). There were memories of the Volleyball game drifting through my head, forcing tears to fall from my eyes. Oh how much I miss my Volleyball! :'(

Oh god, emotional much? xD Well, I just love volleyball and I hate SAMTTAJ for not having ‘em. I just hope that this new school have this sport.

Okay, that’s all from me. No pics, sorryyyyyyyyyy. :P Though, I have a song for you guys ;) Here! The song that I was referring to:

Here’s another song from the movie that I love so much. This song does not bring any memories of the event though. :

P/S: The Champions League QF Draw was so unexpected, Spurs got Real Madrid! OH GOD! ;_; But still, to get this far in the competition is enough to make me happy. :D


Sorry, the title has nothing to do with this post, LOL. Anyway, tomorrow I will be having my first exam in SMK Setia Alam. Yesterday I studied nothing, okay, Friday night I had a little History quiz with OMBAKK!!! family, heheh. :D

But that’s all, since that, I haven’t read anything. -_______- I only have till tonight to study. Let me list all of the subjects I have to study:

Bahasa Malaysia : What? Okay, I’ll just study last year’s exercise book. xD

English : Collective Nouns, Comparatives, etc etc.

Math : No need to study :p

Science : Chapter 1 only, thank god! xD

History : Chapter 1 & 2. I’ve already studied Chapter 1 and remembered them PERFECTLY, LOL. Oh, and I love chapter 2! Because there’s Frank Swettenham. :p So there shouldn’t be a problem.

Geography : Er. I can’t remember :p

Kemahiran Hidup (Living Skills?) : Chapter 4 and 5. Masakan and Tanaman Hiasan. WTH… +.+

Sivik: What? Seriously? :p

See all of that^ I’m DOOMED -______- And to top it all, there’s Wolves vs Spurs tonight. I can’t miss that! xD I’ll stay up late lah tonight! Hehehe…

Me tonight ^

Okay okay, about the title (if anyone’s interested), it’s a Lee Dewyze‘s song. It may be the next single of Lee. I went to the Lee Dewyze forum a couple of times and most of the people there would like “Me and My Jealousy” as Lee’s next single but personally I love “Beautiful Like You” the most from the album. So I’ll be quite happy if it’s his next single. :D

“That’s all? :\”

Of course! What do you expect ? xD

PS: Keluarga OMBAKK!!! consists of Zidos, Kerol, Syazana and Me, hehehe. Here are the order:

Zidos (my great-grandpa xD) –> Kerol (my grandpa) –> Syazana (my fake mom xD) –> Finally, me! (I’m the youngest <3)


♥ ♥ Beautiful Like You ♥ ♥

<sigh> can’t I just copy paste from my bro’s blog? -_________- WHATEVER.

My dad bought 3 tickets to the concert and I don’t even know why, lol. Terlalu baik :P Anyway, I’ll just put some pics in, no narratives, I’m lazy! :P Alright, alright, maybe a bit. xD

The tickets.


Local Nasyeed group, In-Team appeared first. As the opening performance, I guess….


Then, Maher Zain’s friend from Canada, Irfan Makki showed up, performing Mabrouk and a couple of other songs.


Finally! Hehehe… Maher Zain took the stage.


Performing his songs, ALL OF ‘EM! Just kidding, not all of ‘em hehehe. Gosh I’m horrible at joking. Anyway, Here’s a few pics of him on stage.


Close up.


Then Mesut Kurtis joined him on stage…

… With kids…

Then blah3x, Maher Zain left for a while and Mesut Kurtis performed a few of his songs. Can’t remember the name of his songs— heck, no, I don’t even know what the songs are called, LOL!

Maher Zain came back after his friend, Mesut finished singing, like, 3 songs, I think. Then Irfan Makki joined him for a while and left shortly afterwards. He sang a few songs (including the new one, Freedom) and finally called it a night.

That’s all. Satisfied? LOL. Just so you know, this is the first time I’ve ever been to a concert and I have to say, listening to live songs is wayyyyyyyyy better than listening to recorded ones. You just got a special feeling listening to live songs, ya know. No? You’ll know when you go to a concert later ;) Just don’t go to concerts that uses auto tune, that way you won’t feel nothing at all. You’ll feel like a robot, just like what the auto-tune sounds like, ROBOTS.

Oh my, so much auto-tune hate in that paragraph xD Okay guys, that’s all, hope you enjoy this little post I made about a concert I’ve been to.

By the way, the pics are all, I mean, ALL by Kak Nuni :)


Oh, I’ve been away for, like, 3 days I think. I went to Djogjakarta, Indonesia. Cool place, don’t want to write much about it though lol.

So today I want to tell you what are my favourite artists and bands. It’s kinda boring but I have nothing to write right now lol the Indonesia trip? That one I just post you links to my dad’s website or mom’s blog. :P

So yeah, here it goes:


First, Lee Dewyze. Why? Because I like his voice and his down-to-earth personality. Was my favourite contestant (since Top 24) in American Idol season 9 and he was the winner of the show. Oh, and his cover of Hey Jude is outstanding! For me, at least. :P


Danny Gokey, here’s another American Idol contestant. He was from the 8th season of the show and finished third after Adam Lambert and Kris Allen. I like his songs because they are inspiring and emotional. “I Will Not Say Goodbye” is definitely one of the most emotional song I’ve ever heard. This song is my second most played song on iTunes (after Hey Jude), just saying, lol.


Kaiser Chiefs were formerly my number one artist/band. But the fact that they’ve been inactive lately, and I’ve found Lee and Danny, they just went down to number three. But no matter, they are still my favourite band. Their songs are great and you know I’ve always been a big fan of Alt. Rock music. I also LOVE their music videos, it’s so funny and random at the same time. Ohh, how I miss you Kaiser Chiefs, when will your next album come out? :(


Oh come on! Who doesn’t like Taylor Swift? :3 Anyway, you know the reason right? Her songs. Every freakin’ teenage girl can relate to them. That’s all I’m gonna say, lol. Oh, and also her attitude. She’s cute and very likable. She doesn’t dress improperly like most of (female) singers nowadays.

Some of my other favourites (in order… I think):
The Script.
Paul McCartney :3
The Fray.
EchoEcho. (new band, just released their first album INDEPENDENTLY. I love all of their songs xD )

OMG look at that, most of them are alternative rock bands, some are pop/rock bands, gosh I love them. :3 Okay, now you know my fav bands/artists. Wanna know artists that I HATE? Nahh, probably not. :P

That’s all, I really hope you guys try listening to the kind of music I listen. They’re definitely very underrated, these alt. rock bands, seriously. You should give them a listen.


After like, 3 hours of minecraft, I’m now sitting on a chair, listening to Hey Jude (repeatedly) while following the Soccernet Transfer Deadline Day Live HERE Now, this is what I call relaxing, lol.

Anyway, Tottenham have been really quiet for now… But you never know what Harry will do, there’s roughly 3 hours left in the transfer window. Hmm…

Na na na na na na naa, na na na naa, Hey Jude~Paul McCartney

Poor Newcastle, Andy Carroll is likely to leave for Liverpool, hmm… Uhh, I’m a bit sleepy right now, it’s 3:50 in the morning here. I’m staying up just for the sake of the transfer window deadline, so you better do some spendings now, ‘Arry! LOL, not really, I always stay up late.

I seriously think that this is the lamest post I’ve ever posted, oh well…

The End.

Hi friends, wanna here about my new school? Here ya go!

It’s soo frustratingg. So yeah, the other day I wrote on my FB, “Aku memang dilahirkan untuk menjadi murid biasa saja, sekian terima kasih. xD” . YesssSSs,EXACTLY! On Wednesday (I think), our class teacher picks randomly who’s going to be a prefect, avoiding picking the penolong, the AJK keceriaan, the Ketua, the the the anything in class lahh.

And still she didn’t pick me, lol. Whatever lah,, And then, the next day, Haawa (AJK Keceriaan) asked the (same) teacher, “Who’s the Bendahari?” because they (Haawa and her friends) are making the carta organisasi. So the teacher was like, “Umm.. Aina lah!”. Yup, okay, bendahari, I like money.

But then I remembered, the money that we collect for the class are kept by the teacher. So basicly, I’m useless. Bendahari is just a title. I just HATE IT SO DAMN MUCH because if I were to be given a title, I want to do the responsibilities, not just sit around saying “Oh, yeah, I’m the Bendahari” . Gosh, I hate this class.

I guess I’m not meant to be given any responsibilities. Ever since Primary School, I’m just an ordinary student. And BTW my friends, my good friends, my lovely friends, my personalities are not unique, they are weird, okay.  That’s all I guess.

Oohhh, and by the way, *turning my happy mode on*

You know Julian Lennon? He’s John Lennon’s son, the song Hey Jude that I LOOVVVEE SOO MUCHH was written by Paul McCartney for him. Guess when is his birthday? xD It’s the 8th of April!!! Same as MINE. No wonder lahh I always have a thing with Hey Jude . ;)

This is kind of a secret (not anymore, I guess lol). But when I listen to Hey Jude when I’m angry or sad or frustrated or feeling down or a mixture of everything, I always feel like Paul McCartney/The Beatles/Lee Dewyze is singing it for me, ya know?

Hey Jude,
Don’t make it bad,
Take a sad song,
And make it better.

Remember to let her in to your heart,
Then you can start,
To make it better.