On Saturday, me and my family went to Tanjung Tuan (formerly known as Tanjung Rachado) for the 12th Raptor Watch. I’ll just post some pics, lol.




The birds.



It was quite crowded.


Then we climbeb to the Tanjung Rachado Lighthouse (It was mentioned in the Sejarah book xD) I’ve never gone to the Lighthouse, at least, I don’t remember going there before.


The view from the lighthouse overlooking the Selat Melaka was wonderful. (pic taken by Nukmae aka my bro)

I’m not into birds as much as my brothers and my dad but watching the raptors was surely fun. :D
All the pictures (except when stated) are my dad’s.

Anyway, here’s a classic Beatles’ song, Blackbird for all of you. I first knew this song from the movie “Across The Universe” Enjoy.

“You were only waiting for this moment to be free”


Oh, I’ve been away for, like, 3 days I think. I went to Djogjakarta, Indonesia. Cool place, don’t want to write much about it though lol.

So today I want to tell you what are my favourite artists and bands. It’s kinda boring but I have nothing to write right now lol the Indonesia trip? That one I just post you links to my dad’s website or mom’s blog. :P

So yeah, here it goes:


First, Lee Dewyze. Why? Because I like his voice and his down-to-earth personality. Was my favourite contestant (since Top 24) in American Idol season 9 and he was the winner of the show. Oh, and his cover of Hey Jude is outstanding! For me, at least. :P


Danny Gokey, here’s another American Idol contestant. He was from the 8th season of the show and finished third after Adam Lambert and Kris Allen. I like his songs because they are inspiring and emotional. “I Will Not Say Goodbye” is definitely one of the most emotional song I’ve ever heard. This song is my second most played song on iTunes (after Hey Jude), just saying, lol.


Kaiser Chiefs were formerly my number one artist/band. But the fact that they’ve been inactive lately, and I’ve found Lee and Danny, they just went down to number three. But no matter, they are still my favourite band. Their songs are great and you know I’ve always been a big fan of Alt. Rock music. I also LOVE their music videos, it’s so funny and random at the same time. Ohh, how I miss you Kaiser Chiefs, when will your next album come out? :(


Oh come on! Who doesn’t like Taylor Swift? :3 Anyway, you know the reason right? Her songs. Every freakin’ teenage girl can relate to them. That’s all I’m gonna say, lol. Oh, and also her attitude. She’s cute and very likable. She doesn’t dress improperly like most of (female) singers nowadays.

Some of my other favourites (in order… I think):
The Script.
Paul McCartney :3
The Fray.
EchoEcho. (new band, just released their first album INDEPENDENTLY. I love all of their songs xD )

OMG look at that, most of them are alternative rock bands, some are pop/rock bands, gosh I love them. :3 Okay, now you know my fav bands/artists. Wanna know artists that I HATE? Nahh, probably not. :P

That’s all, I really hope you guys try listening to the kind of music I listen. They’re definitely very underrated, these alt. rock bands, seriously. You should give them a listen.