Recently, I’ve found myself more aware of my surroundings. The cars around me, the buildings, the things that can happen, you know? Bad things like accidents and things like that. No, I’ve not watched Final Destination(1,2,3,4,5) recently. It’s weird, really. I suddenly became paranoid. Hahahaha.

Anyway, can’t wait for Liverpool vs Spurs this Tuesday morning! My brother’s a Liverpool supporter, so I’m sure it will be a fun one!

The truth is, before I started supporting Tottenham Hotspur, I’m actually a Liverpool fan. Haha, I followed my brother’s footsteps. I knew Dudek, Owen, and a few others at the young age of 4. MIND BLOWN.

And because two of my other brothers (I have 4 brothers) are Man United supporters, I knew Barthez, Veron, Van Nistelrooy and other United’s players. Maybe that’s a bit latter, when I was 8 or something.

BUT, there’s more. The fact that I like the colour yellow then (and still), I secretly liked Leeds United. Hehehe… :> FUNNY, AIN’T IT? OH C’MON, GIMME A BREAK, I WAS STILL A KID AT THAT TIME. HAR HAR.

But I guess my true destiny lies at Tottenham Hotspur. :) In 2007, During the 06-07 season, my brother introduced me to the Lilywhites. I’m being honest with you, I’m not really into football at that time. So, I just followed Spurs like a robot.

I didn’t watch their games frequently, I’m not interested in the football itself, really. I knew the names of the first team players though, all of it. I wrote it all down on my notebook. Crazy, I know. I also knew all of the teams in the Premier League. Also wrote it down on my notebook. I even have all their crests printed out. WTF. ಠ_ಠ

I only watched some footy when my brothers are around. When I’m alone, I couldn’t be bothered to turn on the tv to watch a match. I just followed the results, and the league table. I was horrible, to say the least. I don’t care about watching football at all.

But then, when I was 12, I started watching football more frequently. And now, here I am, a proud Yid. :)

Oh great, yet another football post. I don’t think anyone reads my blog anymore, har har. I just think that there’s nothing exciting to write about school other than negative things. I don’t want to write negative things about school, it’s not worth my energy to type it all out, hahhaha. :P

Football is the only thing that excites me. Makes me all giddy inside. For me, entertainment-wise, there’s nothing else that can make me feel happy and relaxing more than football.

Anyway, people, listen to this. It’s a brilliant song by an indie band, EchoEcho. LISTEN TO THIS! NOW! I DEMAND YOU TO LISTEN TO IT.


I just realized that I only post about football when there’s a big match! Hehehe… No, I’m not that kind of person! The kind that only watches big matches and whined if we lost. I watch every Spurs match, okay. Except maybe against Shamrock Rovers in the Europa League. That’s because there’s no coverage on the match. Not even in other countries, I can’t even stream live from the internet, I just relied on LIVE Updates (Soccernet, nothing else)

But… I didn’t watch the 4th round of FA Cup, Watford vs Tottenham Hotspur this morning. Solely because I was sooooo sleepy. :( I slept at 1.30 am and woke up at 3.30 am (the game was at 3.45 am) . I checked my twitter on my iPod and see the line-up on @SpursOfficial and thought, “hmm, strong line-up!” Then I proceed to sleep. :<

I woke up at 8.00 am and read the actions from the game on @SpursOfficial. We won, yes, but the few Spurs fans I followed on twitter said it was a very sloppy and disappointing performance by Tottenham. Glad I didn’t watch it. xD

But there we go, onwards to the fifth round of FA Cup! FA Cup! FA Cup! :D

I still remember the fourth round of our FA Cup campaign last season. ._____. We lost 4-0 against an inspired Fulham. Oh god, the agony. Here’s the post I made about that match. >,< Anyway, focus on Wigan! I’m not gonna miss that one, Wednesday morning (Malaysia time) MOM! I’M NOT GONNA MISS THIS GAME! DON’T STOP ME FROM WATCHING IT AT 3.45 AM IN THE MORNING, OKAY? :> Oh wait, my mom’s not at home on that day. :(

I’ve already forgotten the Man City match. What? Balotelli? Who’s that? What did he do? And Lescott? He’s that Everton player right? Oh, no? Oh he went to Man City? FOR MONEY? When did that happened?Lalala~ Ignorance is bliss.

You know, this is the problem. Every time I talk about football, I drift off from the main subject. I’m pretty sure I was talking about Wigan just now. -____-”

Right, right. Big game. Every game from now on is big. Chelsea are closing on us. We can’t afford to slip up. Not now, anyway. The Transfer window is closing. Harry, Mr. Levy, DO SOMETHING.

School holidays are ending soon. I went to Amcorp Mall today. And bought these:

April, June and October Issues 2011. Just RM9.90 each . *O* They are reissued magazines, of course they’re cheap. Probably one of the best days of my life, lalala~


(Long opinion about the Man City vs Spurs game. I love talking about football.)

Joleon Lescott, a couple of days before Man City vs Spurs,”Tottenham are not a threat”. How ironic. I guess you have to play dirty to beat a non-threatening team? Is that the City way?

Lescott elbowed Kaboul just outside the penalty area. No cards were given. Balotelli stomped on Scott Parker (Some people said he “lost his balance” but I’m not buying it. 100% intentional in my biased opinion) No cards either.

Hmm…. I don’t think Howard Webb is a Man United fan now. Maybe he switched to Man City now? Or maybe he supports both of those Mancunians? Hahaha, okay enough bitching about refs. They’ve got a tough job, blah3x whatever. I don’t care anymore.

The penalty at the end…. It’s like a dagger to the heart. I just watched the replay of the game, I already knew it’s going to happen, but it still hurts. Especially because it’s Balotelli. It’s always Balotelli. Everything’s Balotelli. Blah3x. I’m so sick of him.

Also… I want to punch Nasri’s face when he scored that goal. Just like when he scored for Arsenal against Spurs last year (we still won, don’t worry :p ) His face showed a lot of arrogance. Really, how annoying can his face get?

But still… A lot of positives can be found in that game. Still 3rd, 5 points clear of 4th and more importantly, 10 points ahead of fifth placed Ars*nal. Feels good, yeah. >:) Also positive, how Spurs surged into life after conceding 2 goals. It’s like we were sleeping, and the Man Shitty goals were alarm clocks. Haha. Defoe did decently filling up for the absence of Adebayor. Bale was superb. Overrated? That’s Walcott for you, not Bale. :)

Ledley King… I don’t think people can blame him, really. If you said Ledley was the reason Spurs lost, then you’re stupid. If you’re a Spurs fan and you still blame Ledley for the lost, then you’re not a fan of Spurs. Easy, right? Anyway, here’s an interesting stat for you:

Spurs without Ledley King: LDDDWDDLDLLLWWLWD.
Spurs with Ledley King: WWWWWWWWDWWWWWD.

Might add an “L” at the end, but this was before the Man Shitty game. Anyway, when I saw Ledley’s face when he conceded the penalty, I just want to hug him. He knew he made a big mistake that could cost the game (and it had). But overall performance, he’s done well.

After the final whistle was heard… The devastated faces of the Spurs players.. It almost made me cry, LOL. I’m an emotional wreck, I know. :p They know they could have just win the game. Or at least a draw. A lost was just agonizing. A lost at the dying minutes was just too cruel to put to words.

But don’t lose faith. Never give up. They’re writing us off of this title race, but that’s fine. We don’t need the pressure. We don’t need the huge amount of expectations. We’re just enjoying our football like we always did for the last couple of years.

Tottenham Hotspur: Will seriously damage your heart and delight you. (:

“It’s easier to support and love your club if you accept the truth and embrace it.”

And that marks the end of my never-ending ramble. I’m calmed now. (:

Special mentions: Spurs fans at the stadium. What can I say? Outstanding. The “O When the Spurs Go Marching In” song was sung at least 4 times in the second half. Spurs fans are the most awesome fans in the Premier League in my, again, biased opinion. :P

And again, I’m not really an expert on these football-talking stuff… If you want some more in depth discussions, here’s some of it (Spurs blogs, of course):

Dear Mr Levy.

Audere Est Facere.


First I posted the “When The Year Ends In One” thingy and Tottenham lost 4-0 to Fulham, now Robbie Keane? I seriously am JINXED lol.

Robbie Keane is out with a calf injury for at least 6 weeks. Oh, c’mon! This is why we don’t post football stuff on our blogs lol. Awww, Keane hope you get better soon :)

Tottenham vs Sunderland tonight. I’m jinxed so I don’t want to talk about it much lol My prediction is 2-1 to Tottenham please. :) And Harry please, please, PLEASE play Kranjcar tonight, with Modric and Bale all out with injuries, he really deserves to play ya know. That’s all xD

And, oh yeah, yesterday at school, in History class, we were learning about the, umm, state of Selangor. Blah3, and then this name came up. He was the first Resident General of NNMB (Negeri-negeri Melayu bersekutu), Frank Swettenham.



hahaha, it was so funny. I laughed, literally, in class that day. But no one gets me :( LOL, who cares? As long as I’m happy with my Frank Swetterham xD (Yaya got her Kapitan Chung Ah Kwee :P)

Sir Frank Swettenham :D

Seriously, I swear, I would remember that name for the rest of my life. :P


WARNING: This post contains a LOT of words and it’s about a football player. So if you hate reading and don’t watch football, I recommend you to turn around and never look back, lol, but seriously.

P/S: I refer Tottenham as ‘we’ because it is a lot easier.

Okay, here it goes:-

Robbie Keane, first of all, I want to say thanks for the goals, thanks for your leadership as a captain and thanks for staying at Tottenham for, like, 7 or 8 years. I know you’re only on loan to West Ham right now, not permanently moved, but a part of the agreement is, if West Ham avoid relegation, they can extend your deal by two years.

A part of me feels that West Ham will avoid relegation and we’re going to lose you. Just so you know, you were amazing for us. You scored lots and lots of goals and your partnership with Berbatov was just awesome in 2006-2007 . Gosh I love that season. But then Man Utd wanted Berbatov (-____-) and Liverpool went for you. You said you were a Liverpool supporter since you were a kid, so we let you go.

There were some great moments like scoring an equaliser against Arsenal, scored two goals against Bolton, but it was rather a short and disappointing spell for you, so we bought you back. You were made vice-captain and scored plenty (I guess?) of goals.

Then you joined Celtic on loan and you were amazing! Scoring goals for fun makes you Celtic Fans’ Player of the Year. Then you came back, lol, it was just a loan anyway. You didn’t really performed much at that point and with Defoe and Pavlyuchenko playing well, you didn’t get a place in the starting line-up at all.

I only remembered you being captain of a Carling Cup match against Arsenal when ‘Arry put on a young team. You scored Tottenham’s only goal and we lost to the scum.

Now, you’ve gone to West Ham and this morning  (Malaysia time) you scored your debut goal. :) I was happy to see you back scoring goals, even for another team. Even West Ham. Even Celtic. I don’t care. I like seeing you score goals.

So goodbye Robbie Keane, we’ll miss you. :)

*Just so you know, this is from my own thoughts, so am sorry if there’s a mistake or two!  Ohh, and because this post has no picture, I’ll give you one here:-

Robbie Keane in a West Ham shirt scoring his debut goal.


EDIT: After reading back what I wrote, it’s quite embarrassing, really, but what the heck lol. :P

Ahaha, right after I built my house, my brother cleared up the little forest beside it. And this is what I did with the spaces :-


A (small) football field! :D

This is me  posing at the pitch wearing a Liverpool jersey, I don’t even know why I wore that, lol.


I want to make more projects in minecraft, it’s so much fun! I’m currently building a bridge over a river to an another island not far from our island. Hmm… My brother has recently finished building a lighthouse (you can see it at the top left of the first picture). But I don’t know what he’s doing right now.

Here’s from a different angle:-


See that bridge? It’s really ugly, I know! x(  Eh, why are there so many animals on my football pitch?

BTW, I’ve change my texture pack… Again… This time it’s Lucid Pack. Yeahh, I frequently change my texture pack. ;)


After like, 3 hours of minecraft, I’m now sitting on a chair, listening to Hey Jude (repeatedly) while following the Soccernet Transfer Deadline Day Live HERE Now, this is what I call relaxing, lol.

Anyway, Tottenham have been really quiet for now… But you never know what Harry will do, there’s roughly 3 hours left in the transfer window. Hmm…

Na na na na na na naa, na na na naa, Hey Jude~Paul McCartney

Poor Newcastle, Andy Carroll is likely to leave for Liverpool, hmm… Uhh, I’m a bit sleepy right now, it’s 3:50 in the morning here. I’m staying up just for the sake of the transfer window deadline, so you better do some spendings now, ‘Arry! LOL, not really, I always stay up late.

I seriously think that this is the lamest post I’ve ever posted, oh well…

The End.

Look at the title, stare at it, understand it, enjoy and flourish it (If you’re an Arsenal fan or a Chelsea fan). Yess, your eyes are not deceiving you, it’s true. It happened. I saw it happened LIVE.

I think I’m jinxed… (remember the “When The Year Ends In One” post? I bring bad luck :( )

Okay, now, seriously, no jinx, let’s get this thing straight, there will be no “When The Year Ends In One” miracle. The defenders are horrible. It could have easily been 6-0 or 7-0 . Well, I don’t want to talk about it much.

On the brighter side, I like how Tottenham fans (after the half-time break) , got behind their team, and sung the chant they usually sing (O When The Spurs Go Marching In & It’s A Grand Ol’ Team) . The stadium is also full of Spurs’ fans noises even though it’s freakin’ FOUR NIL. But poor fans, Spurs still played poorly even though the fans had shown their spirits.

OKAYYYY, that’s all, I guess. Ermm… It is disappointing but life must go on, and it’s just one match. It’s the FA Cup, DAMN IT!!! x( Haha, c’mon Tottenham, bounce back from this like you did after losing to Portsmouth in the FA Cup Semi-Final last year, I believe in you. :)

Ohh, I forgot to give credits to Fulham for their performance. They were fantastic, they were running riot passed the horrible Tottenham’s defenders. Oh, and Danny Murphy is still a penalty kick expert. :P And last but not least, good luck to Fulham on their FA Cup journey! :)


Err… About the title.. Umm… It’s 2011 right? Yes, that’s it, 2011 is a year that ends in one. Get it? Oh, c’mon. It’s like 2001, 1991, 1901, where there’s the number ‘1’ at the end, got it? Okay, good.

So yeah, at Tottenham they always  have this thing about when the year ends in one. They have been winning the FA Cup in 1901,  1921, 1961, 1981 and 1991. All the years that ended in one, weird huh? Ohh, and they’ve also won it in 1962, 1967 and 1982.

Anyway, back to when the year ends in one. 2011 ends in one. The FA Cup 4th Round matches are happening this weekend. Tottenham are up against Fulham at Craven Cottage. Do I think Tottenham can win this? YESSSSSS, haha. No, really, of course I believe in Spurs :)

OMG, this is going nowhere…. -__________-

Conclusion: Spurs have won the FA Cup FIVE times when the year ends in one. This year (2011) ends in one, so I believe Spurs have a pretty decent chance of winning it this year. ;)

In support of Sunday’s match against Fulham, I present to you, Chirpy, Spurs’ mascot.