02 – Our Favourite Practical Teachers! Part 2

 The clock was ticking and time was running out for the practical teachers. Just in a blink of an eye, 3 months passed by so fast. Having spent so many sweet memories with Cikgu Lia and Cikgu Min, we (my gang and I) decided to throw a little dinner party with them.

It was on a weekend, so everyone was relaxed. I think it was on Saturday (maybe it was Sunday though, I can’t remember) and Mama was coming to visit me that evening, so we suddenly decided to ask her a favour. We agreed beforehand to buy a box of KFC chickens and a few drinks. I explained to her how we were going to make a surprise (farewell) party for the practical teachers who were close to us.

Initially, we planned to collect money from each and every one of us and pay for the KFC meals, but Mama insisted on paying for it. Thank you Mama! :3 So, yeah we got our chickens and drinks. We intended to go to their house after Maghrib prayer (back then, we were required to go to the Surau Besar during Maghrib), so we brought along the food and left it in the hallway haha the other students were so amused.

Anyway, after that, the seven of us quickly made our way towards Cikgu Min and Cikgu Lia’s house, making a big surprise for them. :’) We sat down together and ate the chickens scrumptiously while having a few laughs. Cikgu Lia went out for a while to buy a pack of ice (for the sodas), a few snacks and a tub of ice cream to complete the gargantuan dinner we were having. It was such an enjoyable night for all of us!


Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 15.41.18

with Cikgu Faralia.


Me and Hazirah ngehehehe.


  With Cikgu Min.

We didn’t do much that night really, with the exception of eating and taking pictures. We did a group video of gwiyomi (and failed miserably) and were basically just having fun. We gave them a cute little teddy bear each. :3

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 15.41.33

After that, we cleaned up everything and bid goodnights to them as we made our way back to our dorms. I remembered when we were heading back to our hostel; I was thinking about how much I would miss crashing the house in the evening, gossiping with them and whining about our school life. It was such a habitual destination for us to kill our boredom.

When you’ve grown attached to someone, it’s hard to let go. ):

On their last day at school, I cried when I met Cikgu Min hihi. She was so precious to me and I couldn’t handle the fact that I won’t be seeing her anymore. She gave me this mug and a petit note:- <3

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 15.47.19

And that, I think, wraps up the first story of my Kustechs journey. Hopefully this is the first of many more ohohohoho. :)

 ~ Kustechs di hati ~

    01 – Our Favourite Practical Teachers!

When we were in Form 4, we only had one class for each course (4E1 for Elec Eng. / 4A1 for Civ. Eng. / 4M1 for Mech. Eng.)

My gang (then) consisted of me, Nabilah, Aten, Hazirah, Balqis, Fierah and Fieza. We were all Elec. Eng. students except for Fierah who was a Mech. Eng. student. Alin (also a Mech. Eng. student) came into the picture during mid-year 2013, so she doesn’t feature in this story hahaha sorry alin :p

Anyway back to this, in 4E1, we were divided into two different PKE(Pengajian Kejuruteraan Elektrik) groups right from the start, one with Pn. Ana and the other was with Pn. Kalai and it was totally random. My gang was inevitably split into two also. Pn. Kalai taught Aten, Hazirah and Balqis while Nabilah and I were with the delightful Pn. Ana :P

Anyway, about a month into the new school term, our school received a couple of new faces; practical teachers who were hoping to spend their 3 months with us. There were 4 of them, Cikgu Min, Cikgu Faralia and two others. Each of them had to teach us (Form 4 students) 2 technical subjects.

Cikgu Min specialised in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, so she had to teach our class, right? She was taken under Cikgu Ana’s wing (Pn. Kalai had nothing to do with this) and had to take over her role as our PKE teacher.

Cikgu Min was a stark contrast to Pn. Ana, so we were a bit startled by the change. While Pn. Ana was strict and very scary (in a good and loving way :3 ), Cikgu Min was layback and chill. She was a young teacher, after all. She understood our teenage hearts. Besides, She couldn’t possibly control all of us successfully (the group I was in were full of boys, the only girls were myself, Nabilah, Intan and Hanisah, if I’m not mistaken. My memories are kinda blurry right now) So she just went with the flow and blended in with us. Cikgu Min also had to teach LK to 4M1 (where the lone ranger, Fierah was. Sorry fie, we love you-), so Fierah knew her too.

Cikgu Faralia was teaching LK for our class (and Civil Eng. for 4A1), so Pn. Azlizaa (my LK teacher) had to split the class into two. Again, my gang was separated, but this time only Aten was put into Cikgu Lia’s class (lol) while we (the others) were still under Pn. Azlizaa. (This was because Pn. Azlizaa divided the group according to alphabetical order- Aten’s name was high up the list and far away from ours kekeke)

So, there we go, that’s the gist of it! Oh, right I forgot to mention, Cikgu Lia and Cikgu Min were bestfriends and they were staying together in a vacant house located within the school compound, alongside houses of other teachers and staffs.

I don’t know where to begin this story.. OTL

Well, I guess I can start with me and Nabilah. You see, in class, we were always seated right in front of the teacher. Hence, we talked frequently with Cikgu Min and often rambled along with her. While we were doing our elec… calculating.. thingy, we would talk and talk and talk with her. Mostly dumb stuffs, haha. I guess that’s when we started to get close with her.

Also, you know our gang was a very troublesome gang back then (and still was even up until Form 5 ngehehehe) so we would loiter around the school compound in the evening, riding bicycles and just doing stupid things. So we would visit Cikgu Lia and Cikgu Min’s house, just to lie down and talk about school.

When people questioned our ‘authority’ to go to a teacher’s house, we would just tell them we wanted to learn (LK or PKE) but in truth, we just wanted to get out of the damn hostel. :3 School life is boring without some rule-breaking actions. Yeah, we were always breaking rules, but let me tell you, it’s the dumb and useless rules that we were used to breaking, not the serious ones. So teachers weren’t too bothered with us to be honest.

So, just like that, we grew fond of both Cikgu Min and Cikgu Lia and when it was time they return to their universities, tears were shed and a little farewell party was held. I’ll tell you that in the next post, so for now, goodbye. :)





“This is something I long for since I was young.

The time has finally come.

But alas, a big problem has surfaced.

And nobody is listening to what I have to say.

And I’m all alone.

For my friends are not here with me.

I must fight this battle alone.

Unfortunately, I lost the first battle.

It could be my last if I do not stand up for myself once more.

But I don’t have any plans. Strategies. Tactics.

I have no influential figures whom I can rely on.

Help me. I’m stuck. Here.

And I don’t know where to go.

To flee, or to go on a battle once more?”

I wrote this when I was devastated with something recently.


Recently, I’ve found myself more aware of my surroundings. The cars around me, the buildings, the things that can happen, you know? Bad things like accidents and things like that. No, I’ve not watched Final Destination(1,2,3,4,5) recently. It’s weird, really. I suddenly became paranoid. Hahahaha.

Anyway, can’t wait for Liverpool vs Spurs this Tuesday morning! My brother’s a Liverpool supporter, so I’m sure it will be a fun one!

The truth is, before I started supporting Tottenham Hotspur, I’m actually a Liverpool fan. Haha, I followed my brother’s footsteps. I knew Dudek, Owen, and a few others at the young age of 4. MIND BLOWN.

And because two of my other brothers (I have 4 brothers) are Man United supporters, I knew Barthez, Veron, Van Nistelrooy and other United’s players. Maybe that’s a bit latter, when I was 8 or something.

BUT, there’s more. The fact that I like the colour yellow then (and still), I secretly liked Leeds United. Hehehe… :> FUNNY, AIN’T IT? OH C’MON, GIMME A BREAK, I WAS STILL A KID AT THAT TIME. HAR HAR.

But I guess my true destiny lies at Tottenham Hotspur. :) In 2007, During the 06-07 season, my brother introduced me to the Lilywhites. I’m being honest with you, I’m not really into football at that time. So, I just followed Spurs like a robot.

I didn’t watch their games frequently, I’m not interested in the football itself, really. I knew the names of the first team players though, all of it. I wrote it all down on my notebook. Crazy, I know. I also knew all of the teams in the Premier League. Also wrote it down on my notebook. I even have all their crests printed out. WTF. ಠ_ಠ

I only watched some footy when my brothers are around. When I’m alone, I couldn’t be bothered to turn on the tv to watch a match. I just followed the results, and the league table. I was horrible, to say the least. I don’t care about watching football at all.

But then, when I was 12, I started watching football more frequently. And now, here I am, a proud Yid. :)

Oh great, yet another football post. I don’t think anyone reads my blog anymore, har har. I just think that there’s nothing exciting to write about school other than negative things. I don’t want to write negative things about school, it’s not worth my energy to type it all out, hahhaha. :P

Football is the only thing that excites me. Makes me all giddy inside. For me, entertainment-wise, there’s nothing else that can make me feel happy and relaxing more than football.

Anyway, people, listen to this. It’s a brilliant song by an indie band, EchoEcho. LISTEN TO THIS! NOW! I DEMAND YOU TO LISTEN TO IT.


I just realized that I only post about football when there’s a big match! Hehehe… No, I’m not that kind of person! The kind that only watches big matches and whined if we lost. I watch every Spurs match, okay. Except maybe against Shamrock Rovers in the Europa League. That’s because there’s no coverage on the match. Not even in other countries, I can’t even stream live from the internet, I just relied on LIVE Updates (Soccernet, nothing else)

But… I didn’t watch the 4th round of FA Cup, Watford vs Tottenham Hotspur this morning. Solely because I was sooooo sleepy. :( I slept at 1.30 am and woke up at 3.30 am (the game was at 3.45 am) . I checked my twitter on my iPod and see the line-up on @SpursOfficial and thought, “hmm, strong line-up!” Then I proceed to sleep. :<

I woke up at 8.00 am and read the actions from the game on @SpursOfficial. We won, yes, but the few Spurs fans I followed on twitter said it was a very sloppy and disappointing performance by Tottenham. Glad I didn’t watch it. xD

But there we go, onwards to the fifth round of FA Cup! FA Cup! FA Cup! :D

I still remember the fourth round of our FA Cup campaign last season. ._____. We lost 4-0 against an inspired Fulham. Oh god, the agony. Here’s the post I made about that match. >,< Anyway, focus on Wigan! I’m not gonna miss that one, Wednesday morning (Malaysia time) MOM! I’M NOT GONNA MISS THIS GAME! DON’T STOP ME FROM WATCHING IT AT 3.45 AM IN THE MORNING, OKAY? :> Oh wait, my mom’s not at home on that day. :(

I’ve already forgotten the Man City match. What? Balotelli? Who’s that? What did he do? And Lescott? He’s that Everton player right? Oh, no? Oh he went to Man City? FOR MONEY? When did that happened?Lalala~ Ignorance is bliss.

You know, this is the problem. Every time I talk about football, I drift off from the main subject. I’m pretty sure I was talking about Wigan just now. -____-”

Right, right. Big game. Every game from now on is big. Chelsea are closing on us. We can’t afford to slip up. Not now, anyway. The Transfer window is closing. Harry, Mr. Levy, DO SOMETHING.

School holidays are ending soon. I went to Amcorp Mall today. And bought these:

April, June and October Issues 2011. Just RM9.90 each . *O* They are reissued magazines, of course they’re cheap. Probably one of the best days of my life, lalala~


(Long opinion about the Man City vs Spurs game. I love talking about football.)

Joleon Lescott, a couple of days before Man City vs Spurs,”Tottenham are not a threat”. How ironic. I guess you have to play dirty to beat a non-threatening team? Is that the City way?

Lescott elbowed Kaboul just outside the penalty area. No cards were given. Balotelli stomped on Scott Parker (Some people said he “lost his balance” but I’m not buying it. 100% intentional in my biased opinion) No cards either.

Hmm…. I don’t think Howard Webb is a Man United fan now. Maybe he switched to Man City now? Or maybe he supports both of those Mancunians? Hahaha, okay enough bitching about refs. They’ve got a tough job, blah3x whatever. I don’t care anymore.

The penalty at the end…. It’s like a dagger to the heart. I just watched the replay of the game, I already knew it’s going to happen, but it still hurts. Especially because it’s Balotelli. It’s always Balotelli. Everything’s Balotelli. Blah3x. I’m so sick of him.

Also… I want to punch Nasri’s face when he scored that goal. Just like when he scored for Arsenal against Spurs last year (we still won, don’t worry :p ) His face showed a lot of arrogance. Really, how annoying can his face get?

But still… A lot of positives can be found in that game. Still 3rd, 5 points clear of 4th and more importantly, 10 points ahead of fifth placed Ars*nal. Feels good, yeah. >:) Also positive, how Spurs surged into life after conceding 2 goals. It’s like we were sleeping, and the Man Shitty goals were alarm clocks. Haha. Defoe did decently filling up for the absence of Adebayor. Bale was superb. Overrated? That’s Walcott for you, not Bale. :)

Ledley King… I don’t think people can blame him, really. If you said Ledley was the reason Spurs lost, then you’re stupid. If you’re a Spurs fan and you still blame Ledley for the lost, then you’re not a fan of Spurs. Easy, right? Anyway, here’s an interesting stat for you:

Spurs without Ledley King: LDDDWDDLDLLLWWLWD.
Spurs with Ledley King: WWWWWWWWDWWWWWD.

Might add an “L” at the end, but this was before the Man Shitty game. Anyway, when I saw Ledley’s face when he conceded the penalty, I just want to hug him. He knew he made a big mistake that could cost the game (and it had). But overall performance, he’s done well.

After the final whistle was heard… The devastated faces of the Spurs players.. It almost made me cry, LOL. I’m an emotional wreck, I know. :p They know they could have just win the game. Or at least a draw. A lost was just agonizing. A lost at the dying minutes was just too cruel to put to words.

But don’t lose faith. Never give up. They’re writing us off of this title race, but that’s fine. We don’t need the pressure. We don’t need the huge amount of expectations. We’re just enjoying our football like we always did for the last couple of years.

Tottenham Hotspur: Will seriously damage your heart and delight you. (:

“It’s easier to support and love your club if you accept the truth and embrace it.”

And that marks the end of my never-ending ramble. I’m calmed now. (:

Special mentions: Spurs fans at the stadium. What can I say? Outstanding. The “O When the Spurs Go Marching In” song was sung at least 4 times in the second half. Spurs fans are the most awesome fans in the Premier League in my, again, biased opinion. :P

And again, I’m not really an expert on these football-talking stuff… If you want some more in depth discussions, here’s some of it (Spurs blogs, of course):

Dear Mr Levy.

Audere Est Facere.


The Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole 

This movie is too beautiful, I almost forgot the storyline. It’s not the best storyline they can come up with, that’s for sure. It’s quite predictable. The director focused heavily on the graphics and 3D effects in the movie.

It’s a shame I didn’t get to see it in 3D, otherwise I would really enjoy all the close-up and blah3x in the movie. I did watch it in HD though. Yes, it’s pretty.

Personally, I think it’s just a mediocre movie with fancy graphics. I just like Jim Sturgess (Soren), hehehe… And owls. I love owls.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ Kids would love it.


This year’s English classes are so confusing. It is usually lifeless and boring but at the same time there will always be some amusing and interesting anecdotes going on.

Like yesterday for example, we were filling in the PMR registration form (or something like that). Most of my classmates got the photocopy of their respective ICs that the teacher has kept all this while. We need it to feel some infos (name, IC number etc.) on the form. Still following me? Don’t worry, you don’t need to know this.

So, I didn’t get the copy of my IC. The teacher was like “OH YEAH, some teacher told me you were changing SCHOOLS, so I’ve put the copy of your IC in your student file. Ready to give it back to you for your new school!”, And I was like, “LOL!”

I’ve never told anyone that I want to go to other schools. Heck, I didn’t even post anything about it on Facebook! :p (obligatory Facebook joke here)

On a side note, some friends praised my blog and how I use my English. I guess writing that post about the new class increased my blog readers. Or whatever you like to call them. And they supported my post 100%. :P

P.S: In case anyone is wondering, I still love Vincent Van Gogh.


This is my first ever movie review. I hope you like it. :)

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (click on the picture to watch the trailer)

First of all, I really think that this is a very unique movie. Simply because it’s a Finnish film and not some overrated American film. Just kidding. Actually, this movie is somewhat exceptional because it shows the real DARK side of Santa Claus who doesn’t actually reward nice kids but instead punish the naughty ones.

Personally, I really like this movie. The settings, the characters, and I don’t know why, but I’ve always loved foreign language. I just realized that there aren’t much characters in this movie, but they successfully made the best of it. And it eventually turned out to be an amazing, unique low-budget film.

And also, I love the ending. Such a great ending it was!

Rating: ★★★★½
I recommend that anyone who thinks he/she is a hipster should watch this movie, hahaha. :P


That’s it. I’ve finished all four of the Ace Attorney games. Of course, CAPCOM (the company) said that there will be a fifth game of the series that will also possibly be the last one. I can’t wait for it, though. There are so many unanswered questions about the characters and the story of the whole game.

When I knew that Phoenix had lose his attorney badge, I went emo. Seriously, I told you I’m an emotional wreck. I know it’s just a game, but the thought of the great Phoenix Wright having to retire from being a lawyer so early is just… Sad…

Yes, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd game of the series we play as Phoenix Wright, defense attorney. But in the 4th game, we play as a rookie lawyer named Apollo Justice. In that game, we learned that Phoenix lose his job in a case because of a forged evidence. THE forged evidence that destroyed his career.

See? I’m getting emotional again. Urghh, it’s just a game, Aina, snap out of it! I’ve never played a game that had left a wound in my heart, making me emotional all of a sudden.

Anyway, I guess I have to wait for the fifth game to figure out everything. I have Pokemon Black waiting for me to play it, but I think I should stop for a while. I need to gain my composure first (emo) and finish my overdue homeworks. Only THEN, I could start playing Pokemon.

P/S: I love Ace Attorney. I’m addicted to it. Please buy me the Phoenix Wright Artbook PLEASEEEEE


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